About the Book

Weapons of Peace

WHAT IF THE NAZIS DEVELOPED THE ATOM BOMB FIRST?__________________________________________________________

“You won’t want to sleep until you’ve read the very last page…like The Da Vinci Code….buckle up for non-stop action and deceit—with an ending that will leave you breathless.” 

Keven Fletcher, Author, When it Matters Most 



Recovering from gunshot wounds and confined to an ancient English castle, America’s top negotiator shares the secrets of his interrupted mission and his craft with the only person he dares to trust—a young British nurse with a troubled past. When she proves to be an exceptional student of his laws of influence, he urges her to help him complete his mission: Hitler has an atom bomb, and his scientists must be persuaded to undermine their own creation.

Peter D. Johnston—bestselling author and international negotiator—has crafted a thought-provoking thriller that immerses us in one of history’s most pivotal moments. In this novel inspired by two true stories from the Second World War, the nurse, Emma Doyle, and the negotiator, Everett Nash, both plagued by remorse, try to change the course of history—and their own lives. 

Weapons of Peace races from an ancient English castle and a bizarre killing in Washington, D.C., to a scorched atomic test site in Germany and hidden passages forged under Berlin by resisters plotting to murder Hitler. Johnston’s expert hand blends real-world historical material with heart-pounding action, unforgettable characters, and precious insights into influence and how the Nazis negotiated their way to power and kept it. 

Johnston’s novel is the first of its kind, believed to be the first work of fiction that delves into the art and science of negotiation and influence, exposing readers to the rarified air of international deal-making amid the highest stakes imaginable. Like John Grisham who incorporates the law and lawyers into his popular books, Johnston does the same for negotiation, weaving his own unique expertise into the pages of Weapons of Peace while relaying the startling real-life story of the Nazis’ quest to beat the Allies to the bomb. Readers with an interest in historical fiction, negotiation, World War II, or stories with strong female characters, will be drawn to this novel and have trouble putting it down.