Early Reviews


“You won’t want to sleep until you’ve read the very last page…like The Da Vinci Code….buckle up for non-stop action and deceit—with an ending that will leave you breathless.”

Kevin Fletcher, Author, "When It Matters Most"

"Brilliantly crafted….Johnston writes with the historical realism of Alan Furst or Ken Follett, and the intellectual breadth and clarity one would expect from the author of Negotiating with Giants. In Weapons of Peace, readers are treated to a new genre of fiction—negotiation noir."

Barbara J. Falk, Political Philosopher and Legal Scholar

"Riveting historical fiction….superbly researched and executed….from one of the world’s leading negotiation experts.”

Jules B. Bloch, LLB, Professional Mediator and Negotiator

“A striking novel with richly textured characters….Nurse Doyle morphs into one badass negotiator, a jarring cross between nursing saint Florence Nightingale and Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander.”

Tory McTaggart, Principal, Bound2Learn Books

“Absolutely addictive….the author’s ingenuity and command of his material are on full display on every page. Woven seamlessly into this breathtaking page-turner is a master class in negotiation and influence.”

Dan Pontefract, Leadership Strategist and Best Selling Author